Ascension Art by Maia

Ascension Art by Maia

ThothHoRa & his Companions

Thoth as Sun Lord & Illuminari

Thoth, the Lamp of Korbor & the Golden Temple

At the Golden Temple in the Inner City of Seraphim

Thoth and the Lamp of Kormor

As one of the Templus Saratum on the Ascended Isle of Ruta

Sarafana A'DuRa - Thoth's Twin Ray

Thoth and Sarafina with Crest in the Stone (Crown Chakra area of the Ascension Temple)

Thoth and Sarafina with Mt. Kailash

ThothHorRa at his Temple House in the Blue Mountain of the Inner Earth Domain

The Three Seshats: Mi'Kala, Sarafana & Sesmei



in his Temple House

within the Osiron

Thoth in his Inner Earth / New Earth embodiment, along with this Twin Flame Sarafana A’DuRa. Others such as Mi’Kala, who was his sister Lhasa in Egypt, his wife in Egypt, Sesmei, and perhaps others I will add to this collection.
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